fused dichroic glass jewelry

Ordering Post Earrings

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Although each pair of earrings is one-of-a-kind, there are some
basic styles and color schemes that I enjoy working with that are
pictured on this website.


The best way to order earrings is to review the images on
this site and then email me with some basic information:
•post, clip-on OR dangle (single drop or double drop)
•Bullseye dichroic (bright, colorful) or clear float dichroic (pastel)
•(if Bullseye) a basic color scheme such as: blue/greens, reddish-
coppery/golds, pink/violet/purples (The clear float dichroic is a
pastel rainbow of colors.)
•if dangle, whether squiggle on bottom or not
•size (approximate) of glass piece

Once I receive your request, I will email you a selection of
digital pictures of what I currently have in inventory that best
matches your description. You can either choose from the selection
I have sent, or else I will custom make a piece for you in a
subsequent firing.


Posts: Depending on size, the Bullseye posts range from $20-$35.
and the clear float posts range from $25-$40.
Dangles: The single drop Bullseye dangles range from $25-$35,
depending on size and whether or not there is a squiggle on the
bottom. The Bullseye double drop dangles are $48.
The single drop clear float dangles range from $35-50, those with a
sterling silver paddle or squiggle on the bottom range from $40 -
$55, while the clear float double drop version is $75.


On the Bullseye dangles, I primarily use a colored
hypoallergenic wire called niobium (the color is created by passing
the wire through an electrical current!), while on the clear float
dangles I use sterling silver. If you would like it differently,
please let me know.


The earring shapes are fairly standard. Most of the
Bullseye earrings are oval, while the clear float are rectangular.
The reason they are that way has to do with what each kind of glass
easily and naturally becomes when fired.


The style of the larger post earrings makes for
beautiful cufflinks. To cover the finding, the glass needs to be at
least 5/8” square.


I send orders via first class or priority mail in padded
envelopes with or without delivery confirmation. The cost is
between $3 and $6 depending on which option you choose.


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